Here are some of my latest projects. Feel free to ask me about any of them!

SHIFT Soundtrack Concept — Cool video game music

Troav — Delivery in 5 minutes

SmartBlinds — Voice-activated IOT Blinds

Unitopia — Exploring land ownership around Harvard

Korsak — Exploring machine creativity through music

I also have a collection of Hackathon Projects I made in college.

Some older or smaller projects:

Sprint Tool — Tasks in a crunch

QuestTracker — The To-Do List of Champions

WhatDo — Crowdsourced campus event calendar

ClubHub — A digital display solution for schools

NOAA-on-a-Stick — Receiving satellite data with RTL-SDR

George's New Schedule Machine — A pretty IMSA schedule visualizer — Fun games and jokes

MARTHA — Implementing Theory of Mind for More Intuitive Communicative Acts

More Music — Other songs I've made

Finally, I'm starting to publish some essays I've written here.